At Levapan we understand the
sustainability as a balance
and the articulation between the three
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Sustainability is part
of Biolev's DNA

For the Levapan Group , sustainability is understood as the balance between the economic, social and environmental aspects and the way in which we generate value responsibly, seeking a balance between profitability, social development and the reduction of environmental impact.

We contribute with Achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Biolev's contribution to sustainable development with our business model as an example. The United Nations has created a global agenda of 17 goals that build a future vision with specific goals for 2030. At Grupo Levapan we contribute to the achievement of 4 of the Sustainable Development Goals SDG of the United Nations.

We are committed to the environment.

We are aware of the environmental impact that we have in our operations, which is why we have established specific organizational commitments and goals in environmental matters to mitigate or reduce their impact, through the implementation of good practices for the efficient management of resources.

Inauguration Solar Farm in Tuluá

Thanks to this important project we can count on clean energy in our production plant in Tuluá
Solar panels
+ 0
Tons of CO2 emissions avoided per year.
35-4 %
Reduction of energy consumption for Lavapan and Flor Suprema

We are moving towards a more sustainable future!

We generate shared value with our stakeholders.


We seek to generate value for business and stakeholders.


Achieving cultural change and positive impact in the region where we operate.


Social and environmental positive impact.

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Social license to operate


Attract local talent


Generate dialogues with stakeholders through a long-term impact (Sustainability)

We generate shared value with our stakeholders

Levapan Foundation

Guillermo Ponce de León
bilingual school


It is a innovative, inclusive and ethical educational community that develops the maximum potential of each of its students.

Socio-Emotional and Ethical Skills - SEE Learning


Promotes Social, Emotional and Ethical learning in teachers and students from Kinder garden to High school. SEE Learning system offers to students the necessary tools to develop behaviors focused on their own well-being and that of others.

English for Life


Formulating and implementing actions that contribute to the improvement of teaching and learning a second language (English) which are reflected in a greater understanding and appropriation of it in students of Public educational institutions (La fundación Guillermo Ponce de León luego no es Privada?)

La Guadua bamboo park


Traditional natural park of the municipality of Tuluá. Leisure and recreation center for the Tuluá family, a place chosen as a meeting point by different types of organizations due to its great biodiversity, which is one of the greatest tourist center located near to our facilities.

early childhood


We are the sectorial ally of organizations that through different strategies, contribute to closing social gaps in early childhood. Thanks to the participation of Levapan Foundation in alliances that support Early Childhood, Tuluá is considered as an outstanding region in taking care of education of children.

Get to know our



Tuluá, How are we going?

Local program that promotes more effective and transparent policies that allow having more responsible, informed and participative neighborhood citizens.