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Food, Nutrition & Human Health

Yeast extracts and dormant yeast are ingredients that can help impart beneficial characteristics to your application. At Biolev we have developed a portfolio that includes yeast extracts and derivatives and natural flavors that help develop the overall flavor, saltiness, body and texture in the mouth and the Umami taste. We invite you to see the different types of products in our range.

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Yeast extracts, licensed and inactive yeast are ingredients that can help impart beneficial characteristics to meat, fish, poultry and plant-based cheese substitute applications. Add them in your preparation to:



Within the Biolev portfolio, we have products that have organic certification for their different applications in human nutrition and health.

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Dehydrated soups, prepared broths, dehydrated consommés and prepared consommé

At Biolev we use our ingredients to provide notes of flavor and body to soups and broths and highlight their Umami taste.

Other additional benefits:


Sauces & Dressings

At Biolev we use the ingredients to create differentiating qualities in sauces and dressings, enhancing their intense flavors, increasing consistency and highlighting the natural Umami taste.

Offering other additional benefits such as facilitating smoky notes, helping to reduce salt and sugar in the preparation, enhancing the flavor of meals and reducing the concentration of other ingredients.


Seasonings Flavor blends

At Biolev we offer ingredients that help to obtain recipes with great flavor, healthy and labeled, clean, providing seasonings and flavoring mixtures with notes that intensify the flavor and impart the Umami taste.

Other additional benefits: Increases the sweet or salty flavor creating a longer-lasting flavor perception (optimal mouthfeel).


White and red meats Fish-based products Processed meats

At Biolev we offer a variety of Yeast-based ingredients providing meat notes to preparations, intensifying taste and flavor, offering an Umami flavor to the profile and other notes (white meat or red meat). Other additional benefits: Reduces sodium content, improves nutritional profile, provides body in recipes.

Add them in your preparation to:


Snacks & Ready to eat meal

At Biolev we provide solutions to obtain better results in the preparation of snacks and sandwiches, achieving healthy recipes with less sodium and highlighting smoked, spicy, meat and vegetable flavors.

Other additional benefits: Clean labeling, facilitating the Umami taste, a prolongation of the flavor and an increase in the «gustosidad» – mouthfeel.



At Biolev we offer a range of products to improve the body and flavor of spreadable products, obtaining results with balanced and healthier flavors through sodium reduction. Other additional benefits: Intense flavor, better mouthfeel and clean labelling.

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We invite you to see the different types of products in our range.

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