Specialized bio-ingredients for:

Plant Care

At Biolev we offer a differentiated BioActive portfolio for the Agricultural industry. Alternatives for the formulation of sustainable products and solutions in the Crop Nutrition and Biostimulation segment. where specific yeast strains are used Saccharomyces cerevisae and its derivatives.

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Keeping all our processes running reliably, we ensure that our customers always receive products with high quality standards, our certifications support us.

Bio-ingredients for:

Nutrition, Performance, health

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Nutrition, Performance, health

High nucleotide yeast extract

BioActive Yeast Extracts with high concentrations of free amino acids from organic sources and B complex vitamins.

In product formulation, the BioActive, due to its variety in the composition of amino acids, has metabolic and carrier functions that facilitate the mobility of minor nutrients for the correct functioning of all plant systems. It contains B complex vitamins, biotin, thiamine and pantothenic acid that regulate photosynthesis and accelerate the process of energy consumption so that the plant grows better and in less time.
It stimulates cell division and enlargement, as well as the synthesis of proteins, nucleic acids and chlorophyll. Behavior superior to the PGRs.

Nutrition, Performance, health

crude yeast cell wall

BioActivo Cell wall extracted from the autolysis process of dried yeast in the SprayDryer. The product does not have genetically modified organisms as a source. Contains beta glucans and mannan oligosaccharides. Active metabolites of yeast extracts.

In Product Formulation, BioActivo provides immunostimulating functions that act as prebiotics, generating systemic acquired resistance (SAR), improving the plant's immune system against various diseases.

Nutrition, Performance, health


BioActive that provides free amino acids and low molecular weight peptides. It comes from the acid hydrolysis of corn gluten and soybean cake.

BioActive with a high concentration of free amino acids. Due to its variety of amino acids, it has metabolic functions (correct functioning of all plant systems). In Formulation of products in the Biostimulation segment, it is a strategic partner in the mixture with minerals and other energy sources.

Nutrition, Performance, health

Fermentative Stock 30%

Rich liquid derived from the yeast production process. It has a high content of oxidizable organic carbon plus other beneficial components for Agriculture.

Base liquid for formulations (liquid fertilizer and amendment products)